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Seriously the best coffee! So smooth. I brew it as dark as humanly possible and still don't need creamer!

-Emilee W




I have no idea how this ended up in my Pantry but I'm super glad it did. This coffee is just awesome! The flavor is unique and I'm already hooked. I'm skipping S-bucks to opt for this!!!!!


The Kraken's Release Report:
Some of the smoothest coffee I've ever had; even my wife approved. So the big does it compare to Black Rifle's Fit Fuel, Caffiene AF, and AK47? Kraken's Release holds its own and then some. Rich, flavorful, and complex like the BRCC blends, but edges them all out for smoothness. Great stuff. When this bag runs out, I'll be ordering more!


I just drank a cup of the new Kraken's Release Hyper Caffeinated coffee, kicked over my desk, ran out into the front yard, and speared my mailbox with a broken broom handle! Wow!


The coffee tastes amazing. The aroma and flavor are what hit you first. There is no bitter aftertaste. Highly recommend this to any coffee drinkers. I usually have to doctor mine up with cream and sugar, but tried it straight up. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it.


The aroma is full and rich, the beans grind beautifully and the coffee is very smooth and full. Lot's of body without anything bitter.


I just had my first cup of Berserker Brew’s Kraken's Release and WOW what a kick! I wish that I had drank it before my workout! The taste is really smooth and went down easy. Looking forward to adding it to my pre workout regime!


The good news is that this coffee is spectacular. The bad news is that my normal coffee now tastes like bitter toilet water. So thanks for that.


Brief recap of my morning:
Ground Krakens Release beans.
Made pot of coffee.
Poured cup of Krakens Release.
Drank cup. 
Immediately began seeing sounds and hearing colors... this coffee is no joke! Hyper-Caffeinated.


I saw this was engineered for athletes. I loved that! I recently lost 75 lbs and drink black coffee through it. I hated the coffees that I had to subject myself to many times because of the bitterness. But not Betserker Brew. I can still get my caffeine and diet too!

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