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Our Coffee

All of Berserker Brew Coffee blends are USDA Certified Organic, Fair Trade and Kosher and were created at our kitchen table here in Louisville, Kentucky.


      • First Attack: Our signature coffee and The Original coffee Engineered for Athletes! This is a blend of beans from Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, and East Timor. This combination of Dark and Medium roast beans gives it a smooth finish that can be enjoyed all day! Perfect for those of us that enjoy 5+ cups per day!


      • Hygge:  Even Vikings chill sometimes. Hygge (HOO-ga) is a Danish word that means cozy and comfortable. This Swiss Water Method decaffeinated coffee is a blend of dark and medium roast beans from Mexico, Peru and Sumatra. It’s the perfect coffee when you want great flavor without the extra jolt.


      • Kraken’s Release:  The BEAST MODE coffee! This is a combination of dark and medium roast beans from East Timor and Guatemala. This is naturally Hyper-Caffeinated for those who need the Mega Jolt. While it packs a caffeine punch, it still offers a crisp clean smooth flavor without the bitterness and acidity that other highly caffeinated coffees bring. Use it as a pre-workout or in preparation for any daunting task that needs extra motivation!


        • Sudri: The coffee of the Americas! Pronounced "Sue-Dree", this is the rich, flavorful coffee for lovers of South American flavors. SUDRI is naturally sweet and non-bitter and takes its name from the origin stories from Viking Lore. In the Poetic Eddas, the sky is held in place by four powerful dwarves. SUDRI is the dwarf of the Southern Sky and the power required to hold up an ENTIRE SKY is embodied in this coffee. With a blend of medium roasted beans from Columbia, Peru, Nicaragua and Guatemala, this coffee pegs the meter on smoothness.


        • Vig: Why did the Viking sack Rome? To drink great Italian Espresso! Vig means "Battle" in ancient Nordic, and this is the perfect espresso to fight battles in the board room, carpool line or your next obstacle race. This Espresso blend is a combination of dark roast beans from Italy, Mexico and Papua New Guinea.


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