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Laeknir Recovery Tea
Laeknir Recovery Tea
Laeknir Recovery Tea
Laeknir Recovery Tea
Laeknir Recovery Tea

Laeknir Recovery Tea

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LAEKNIR TEA is the recovery tea you DRINK before and EAT after the competition, race, or workout. Made with some of the most powerful healing spices from around the globe, this tea relieves inflammation, soreness, and exhaustion. LAEKNIR, which means MEDICINE in Viking, comes in a three day pouch. Build up before and after the big event!  


Turmeric-Anti-inflammatory, improve brain function & lower risk for cancer, heart disease and alzheimer's disease

Ginger-Anti-inflammatory, reduce muscle pain, lower blood sugar & anti-cancer properties

Ashwagandha-Relieve stress, increase energy levels, increase muscle mass and strength, anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties

Black Pepper-Fight infection, relieve cough and cold, cure gastric issues & aid in absorption of Turmeric

Ginseng-Antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, improve immune function & increase energy

*Each pouch contains 3 individual tea bags.



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