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Auga Ber Über Coffee Eye Serum

Auga Ber Über Coffee Eye Serum

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Auga Ber, Viking words for Bare Eye is Berserker Brew Coffee's newest in the line of Berserker Body Skin Care products. This All-Natural coffee eye serum is packed with botanical oils that help to erase puffiness, fine lines and dark under-eye circles while boosting circulation.

Roll on a small amount under your eyes daily. Apply makeup as desired.


Sweet Almond Oil infused with fresh Berserker Brew Organic Coffee grounds-Tightens the Skin and soothes puffiness

Avocado Oil-Reduces dark circles and puffiness

Coffee Bean Oil-Diminishes puffiness and minimizes lines

Rosehip Seed Oil-Reduces dark circles and rebuilds tissue

Bergamot Oil-Anti-Inflammatory

Size-10ml roll-on bottle




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