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Berserkerbrew Handmade Organic Soap -
Berserkerbrew Handmade Organic Soap -

Berserker Brew Organic Coffee Soap

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We've teamed with local farmers at Taylor Farms to create an exfoliating soap that's rugged enough to get the grime off after an obstacle race and delicate enough for daily use. We combined the antibacterial power of tea tree oil with activated charcoal to remove skin impurities. Then we added Berserker Brew coffee grounds and liquid coffee to exfoliate and leave skin feeling soft and smooth. We topped it off with goats milk, coconut oil and shea butter to leave your skin hydrated all day long. This soap is adorned with Louisville's signature symbol the Fleur de lis.

Ingredients: Organic Coffee Grounds, Organic Coffee, Tea Tree Oil, Activated Charcoal, Raw Goat Milk, Non-GMO Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Rice Bran Oil, Soybean Oil, Palm Oil, Sodium Hydroxide.

Size: 2.5 oz