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Its the number one question I get. People are excited about the concept and yet skeptical about the marketing. That’s cool. I am naturally skeptical too. Here is how Berserkerbrew First Attack, Kraken’s Release and Hygge are “engineered for athletes.

First, BerserkerBrew coffee contains more than one type of bean in each bag. There is more than one roast in each bag. For years, you have purchased 100% Columbian or 100% French Roast. That’s great, but did you have to put something in it to enjoy it? In each bag of BerserkerBrew coffee, there is a formula of organic beans and roasts that are designed for one purpose: to lower the acidity and bitterness that people usually need to mask with sugar and fat. The coffee is engineered to taste freaking awesome just as it is: 98% water and 2% coffee. 

Sugar is the bane of all athletes. We have an obsession with it in America. The fructose in sugar makes you want to consume more food. What all this means in everyday terms is that when you consume fructose, you may actually be "programming" your body to consume more calories, as fructose fails to trigger that feeling of fullness, and may even trigger continued hunger pangs. You go to the gym, you compete in that race. Removing sugar from your coffee helps you control your diet that supports your every athletic effort.

On top of the health benefits of not having to put sugar or fat in your coffee, consider the power of Kraken’s Release. For many people, it is replacing pre-workout powders. Imagine, one less cost to your gains!

Dr. Jonathan Purnell, an endocrinologist at Oregon Health & Science University, told Yahoo! Health

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